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Updated April 6, 2022

Dice Features Bring Flexible Work to the Forefront for Tech Professionals and Recruiters

CENTENNIAL, Colo. April 6, 2022 /PR Newswire/Tech career marketplace Dice (a DHI Group, Inc. brand (NYSE: DHX) today announced the release of Time Zone Search, a new feature within the TalentSearchTM sourcing platform allowing recruiters to search for technology professionals within a designated time zone. The feature is the most recent in a line of enhancements to the Dice platform designed to make it easier for tech recruiters to connect with technologists on the roles and opportunities that fit with their wants and needs around remote and flexible work.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, our data has shown us that technologists value the ability to adjust their work locations, schedules and styles to fit their needs, and that flexibility remains a key factor they consider when looking at their current and future career opportunities. Many leaders and organizations have taken that into account, creating truly flexible environments for technologists that are focused less on where they work and more on how they work,” said Art Zeile, CEO of Dice. “Features like Time Zone Search, and our team’s commitment to prioritizing remote and flexible work in how technologists search for roles and how recruiters search for candidates, will help bring more clarity to the hiring process and speed up the connections that are more likely to result in the right fit for all involved.”

The widespread adoption and strong preference for remote and hybrid work have driven many recruiters to broaden search parameters across the U.S. and Canada, revealing a new challenge: working and collaborating across different schedules and locations. Time Zone Search allows employers and recruiters to:

  • Easily set parameters to help surface candidates who, while they may not be in the same physical location, would be available during an organization’s core business hours.
  • Customize and personalize searches beyond traditional location-based options like City Center and Radius searches.
  • Expand beyond traditional parameters, such as distance from an office or other physical location.

Time Zone Search joins the Remote Jobs feature in Dice’s suite of tools focused on flexible work, allowing recruiters to designate jobs as remote only. For technologists, the Remote Jobs feature allows for the ability to include only remote jobs in their searches, and to have those jobs delivered directly to their inbox via a saved search.

In tech hiring, the number of jobs listed with remote as an option continues to grow, with Dice data showing a 105% year-over-year increase in remote postings in January 2022. The shift away from full-time in-office work is, however, not limited to technology professionals. In Limeade’s Employee Care Report, in which the organization surveyed recent job changers across a wide range of industries, 20% of respondents left due to a lack of flexibility, tied for second with instances of discrimination and contributions/ideas not being valued (burnout took the top spot at 40%). The most important qualities in the jobs these employees left to pursue include the ability to work remotely according to their personal preferences (40%) and other forms of flexibility (24%), such as not being restricted to complete job responsibilities during set working hours.

“Flexible work is no longer a novelty or even a pandemic-forced necessity; it is here to stay. Now, we are seeing organizations and employees, technologists included, focusing on finding the best ways to make flexible environments work for the longer-term,” said Mike Marasch, Senior Vice President of Product at Dice. “As those changes take place, we see our role as that of the connector, helping technologists and tech recruiters more clearly identify role and candidate criteria so that they can be matched with the right individuals and opportunities. Enhancements around flexible work are yet another way we can help drive genuine and meaningful connections between recruiters and technologists.”



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