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Socially recruit across 180+ sites.
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Unparalleled Access to Top Tech Talent

Access the Best Without the Clutter

Tap into skilled tech talent without the unqualified clutter. Our rich database has more than 2.2 million tech résumés with 50,000 new profiles added each month.

Target Actionable Candidates Fast

Reach responsive, actionable candidates more efficiently via phone, email or social. Nearly 90% of our qualified tech community visits Dice at least monthly.

Broaden Your Reach

Uncover 18M tech profiles using our Open Web social recruiting tool. Source these candidates — plus our résumé database — in just one powerful search.

  • Award-Winning
    Social Recruiting Service

    Access the most tech talent from 180+ sites with Open Web. Use it to get a 360 degree view of a candidate, personalize your approach and increase response.

  • Replaceable Job
    Posting Slots

    Get unmatched visibility among Dice’s 2M unique monthly visitors. And gain even more exposure within the 3K+ sites in our cross-posting network.

  • Simple Searches and
    Fast Filters

    Pinpoint the right candidates with multiple filters, including employment type, work authorization, security clearance, résumé date and more.

  • Predictive and
    Time-Saving Features

    Narrow your search to candidates most Likely-To-Switch jobs. And use our Chrome Extension to display critical candidate info, wherever you source.

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“We struggled filling very technical roles using other platforms. Then we used Dice and filled them in less than 30 days. Lesson learned. Go with Dice.”

Kristen Speer, Managing Partner, AccelSearch

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