Main image of article Job Posting Tip: Better Segmenting Candidates
If you’re trying to attract the best tech talent (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), your job postings better be good. Check that, great. But the quality of applications you receive is not strictly based on the words you write, the branding you use or the call to actions you include. Effective postings also depend on how you classify your jobs on Dice. Here’s a Quick Tip... To ensure your job postings accurately target your desired applicant types, make sure you properly identify the position type / applicant segment. To explain:
  • Position types that do NOT contain "Corp-to-Corp" are for Direct Applicants – tech pros who apply to jobs for themselves
  • Position types that contain "Corp-to-Corp" are for Third-Party Applicants – i.e. recruiters who apply on behalf of clientsDice_JobTypeSegment_Post
In other words, if you wish to target candidates who are Direct Applicants, do NOT select the "Third Party Corp-to-Corp" position types during the posting process. For additional job posting tips, contact the Dice Customer Support team at 1.888.321.3423, option 1 or We’re happy to help.