Main image of article What Makes a 'Modern' Job Posting?
A job posting is a marketing asset. It is also the hub around which a company can build a hiring and selection process for a particular candidate. From the candidate’s perspective, the posting offers a crucial first glimpse into the hiring process and the company itself. It is of vital importance that the initial impression be a good one. A job posting is different from a job advertisement. Unlike a job ad, which in its brevity and colorfulness is the information equivalent of a highway billboard (and in the case of some companies, may actually be a highway billboard), the job posting provides in-depth information that tells the candidate quite a bit about the company. Think of it as analogous to a movie trailer or a 5-minute YouTube video, one that imparts a significant (and hopefully intriguing) amount of substance. But how do you write a great job posting that fulfills all of these requirements? For some key tips and tricks, check out our new e-book, “The Definitive Guide to Creating Great Job Postings,” written by author, speaker, and human-resources professional Jessica Miller-Merrell: