Main image of article Dice User Tip: 4 Ways to Target Tech Candidates with TalentMatch
With Dice’s TalentMatch resume search tool, you can target ideal candidates even more precisely. Here’s how: After logging in to Dice, select Post Jobs & Find Candidates from the top navigation menu and click on Candidate Search. Here you can refine your search and zero in on candidates by: 1. Most Recent Employer. Search for their most recent employer using Match All Words, Match Any Words, or Boolean. 2. Employment Type. Limit your employment criteria to full- or part-time and various contract types. 3. Minimum Education. Narrow your search by education level, including Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s. 4. School or Institution. Target candidates that attended specific colleges.   What are some of the effective ways you have targeted your ideal candidates with TalentMatch?  What sorts have you found productive? Your ideas can help other Dice users.