Main image of article 7 Tips for Tech Recruiting on Twitter
Tech pros are extremely active on Twitter, but recruiting them via the social network can prove a tricky business. Here are some quick tips for doing so, courtesy of Dice’s 7 Steps to a Tech Recruiting Strategy for Twitter:

1. Develop a Twitter Recruiting Mission Statement

Think about how your Twitter handle’s image, text, and tone can convey your helpfulness to tech pros. You want to Tweet relevant content that resonates with the audience. If you’re curious about what sort of content you should put on Twitter, here’s a good rule of thumb to keep in mind: Roughly 70 percent of the time, your Tweets should be helpful and totally non-promotional. Another 20 percent of the time, you’re allowed to be a little promotional. The remaining 10 percent of the time, you should just be human—but don’t get too weird.

2. Share a Glimpse Into Your Company’s Culture

While you should maintain a baseline of professionalism at all times, you can “be real” by Tweeting and posting photos, including interesting stories, and so on. In that way, you’ll build authenticity and trust.

3. Harness the Power of Hashtags


4. Leverage Photos and Videos

Studies show that Tweets with images and video receive more clicks, favorites, and re-tweets than their text-only brethren.

5. Connect Directly with Candidates

Remember, Twitter is ultimately a conversation: Be prepared to engage with candidates who engage with you.

6. Turn Employees Into Recruiting Ambassadors

Let’s say you’re recruiting for a particular company. An employee at that company Tweets something about the amazingness of the workplace. What should you do? Retweet that out there; highlighting employees is a great way to share the joy of working for a particular firm, and attract interest from candidates.

7. Use Analytics

No Tweet should be fire-and-forget: Use Twitter Analytics and other platforms at your disposal to monitor how well your Twitter campaign is progressing, and adjust accordingly.