Main image of article Base Mobile Recruiting Solutions on Your Audience

Hiring professionals know that engaging with prospects via a mobile perspective is important, but may not know where to start, says Michael Marlatt (@michaelmarlatt), Founder of mRecruitingcamp and a 16-year veteran recruiter.  Marlatt reminds recruiters that the solution isn’t in the technology, but rather in being receptive to the way the audience wants to engage. Instead of mulling over whether to create an app or a mobile optimized site (a.k.a. mSite), think first how your audience communicates and interacts via mobile. For example, if you’re doing campus recruiting, a gamification solution might be most appropriate. If you’re dealing with older, more experienced professionals, Marlatt says traditional email might be the best solution. “Know your audience first and craft your solution around that,” he says. Regarding the debate around building an app or an mSite, remember that users only have so much real estate on a screen. Ask yourself, “Will that candidate really download the app and use it? Or does an mSite make more sense?” Larger organizations such as Pepsi can be successful with a mobile app because the recruiting element is only a portion of a larger brand play. If you’re not thinking about mobile now, you should be. Just take a look at the statistics of how many people are accessing your company page and recruiting page via mobile - you’ll probably be surprised to learn how high it is. .