Main image of article The 8 Best Recruiter Memes of 2019

No doubt about it: 2019 has been a rollercoaster of a year… and nowhere is that truer than in the worlds of HR and recruiting. From trying to decipher directions and job requirements from upper management to managing mountains of candidates, to navigating the sometimes troubled waters of corporate America to attempting to pull countless rabbits out of numerous hats, recruiters have it hard (though, it doesn't need to be that way). Speaking of, where’s our special day like Secretary’s Day? Unless ours is National Ice Cream day. That works.

But while we in the recruiting and HR world often find ourselves balancing between calm and chaos depending on what’s happening in the office, we at least have the Internet to turn to in times of need—or rather, in times of meme. We went hunting for some of our favorites to help you get through the rest of year. And for more recruiter memes, check out last year's.

First, a workday reality some might know all too well:

Granted, some of those tabs are for Postmates, YouTube, and Googling “how to relieve a headache without a lobotomy,” but let’s be real: most of them are for various portfolios of work and projects.

Here’s another we can all relate to:

One day, scientists will study the baffling disconnection that results in conversations like this. Until that time, we may have to consider redefining what “entry-level” means just to make life easier for ourselves.

Then, of course, there’s the follow-up:

Ah yes, the elusive unicorn. A recruiter's dream. The uniquely talented candidate who shot out of the womb with all the experience anyone could ever ask for. And they can do the job of 10, thus saving the department’s budget. And they never get sick. Or sleep. They just work 24/7 completing tasks at record speed. That candidate totally exists.

Then there's this:

The best is when a call gets dropped right in the middle of an interview with the higher-ups. Or when the candidate doesn’t mention they’re going through a tunnel when you’re trying to get to the nitty gritty of their experience.

And that’s when they actually make the interview. How many times has something like this happened to you?:

the look of a recruiter

What recruiter can't relate?

But when you do get to speak, and if the hiring manager has an unrealistic list of desired skills, be sure not to get caught doing this:

And yeah, we know—a recruiter should take a vacation every once in a while. But taking a break means we’d miss out on those golden moments, like when you find a solid candidate and this happens:

…followed by this:

Because, let’s be honest: when the pieces come together and everything fits perfectly, being a recruiter feels pretty damn good.

And then the whole process starts over again.

(Don’t worry—we’ll have more memes to get you through next year.)