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Life RingIt seems like only yesterday that HR professionals were creating employee value propositions and touting them to existing workers and interviewees. But after several years of downsizing, skimpy raises and benefit cuts, it’s no wonder that 75 percent of departing employees say they wouldn’t recommend their former company. So, what can you do to repair or re-invent your employment brand? Go back to square one, say the experts. Survey employees and candidates to uncover their preferences and workplace desires, then align your current benefit expenditures with their top priorities. You may find that you don’t have to spend a fortune to satisfy their needs. For example, if employees are stressed and crave greater work-life balance, offer them the chance to telecommute. If they want additional opportunities for training and development, offer low-cost on-site classes during lunch or after hours. You’ll probably uncover some new fodder to rebuild your brand, especially if you involve current workers in the discovery, prioritization and re-branding process. But above all, be honest and don’t make promises you can’t keep. For instance, if you’ve had significant staff reductions don’t advertise employee longevity or job security. Finally, offer support and outplacement services to help departing employees land on their feet. That way, they're less likely to air their frustrations and damage your brand. Source: China Gorman