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Looking for a job posting template for a Database Developer that can help you attract top talent? We’ve got you covered. Use this free sample job description template to assist you in finding the most qualified and experienced Database Developer to support your company’s needs—and make the hiring process easier on you, too. Just post this template to our site and make necessary edits to highlight your company’s specific requirements and offerings.

Database Developer Job Summary:

We’re looking for a Database Developer who has what it takes to lead projects, organize teams and deliver results. In this role, you’ll be responsible for the evolution of data, including designing and evolving our schema, streamlining our data operations, and maintaining our database to ensure peak performance. You’ll also be the connection between our engineers, scientists, and all of our systems and data, acting as the gatekeeper between departmental ideas and execution.

Database Developer Responsibilities:

  • Design logical and physical data models along with collaring, preparing and presenting statistical information for both internal and external use.
  • Ensure database optimization, integrity, consistency, security and privacy.
  • Providing support, guidance and collaborating with Application Developers to implement database design, and review developer’s work to ensure correct implementation.
  • Create scripts to build new database objects.
  • Develop stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers and views using T-SQL.
  • Assist with schema design, code review and SQL query tuning.
  • Participate in SQL code reviews, write and deploy SQL patches, and gain a deeper understanding of mirroring and SQL clustering.
  • Continually evaluate software components and tools for software applications, making recommendations for system improvements as required.
  • Upgrade and improve data and application schema, preparing design documents and functional specifications.
  • Work in conjunction with the engineering and data science teams to resolve issues, evaluate software modules, and develop appropriate specifications.

Database Developer Requirements:

  • 3+ years working as a database developer, database engineer or in a related role.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Computer Science.
  • 5 -7 years of SQL expertise—you can write a query to do almost anything.
  • 2 or more years of handling a database environment of more than 300GB, with strong data analysis and analytical skills.
  • SQL server administration experience, including knowing the basics of running Microsoft SQL Server — users, permission, backups, recovery, monitoring, and more.
  • Ability to create SQL reports.
  • Solid understanding of Oracle Database, knowledge of SQL Server Service Broker is a plus.
  • Database tuning experience, database integration design and implementation, and management of database projects.
  • Ability to work with a team in an Agile environment—you can address bugs with QA, plan schemas with engineering, and respond quickly to other business needs.
  • Knowledge and know-how to troubleshoot potential issues, and experience with best practices around database operations.
  • ETL experience is a plus.
  • Highly organized and self-motivated with the ability to prioritize projects, meet deadlines, and make room for emergencies, as needed.



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