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Job descriptions detail the responsibilities, requirements and expectations for an incoming employee or candidate. Having a descriptive job description that inspires readers can be the difference between landing qualified job applicants and having and empty applicant pool. Below you'll find job descriptions templates that are intended to make the hiring process easier for you. Just click on the position you're hiring for, post the template to your site and make necessary edits to highlight your companies specific requirements and offerings.


AngularJs Developer

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based web framework for application development. Developers who master AngularJS can build web and desktop apps.

Get the AngularJs Developer resume template


Back-End Software Engineer

Back-End Software Engineers design, build out and maintain the server-side of web applications.

Get the Back-end Software Engineer resume template


Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers create and manage data infrastructure tools to gain valuable business insights.

Get the Big Data Engineer resume template


Business Analyst

Business Analysts develop strategies that help streamline reporting capabilities, while optimizing workflows and identifying next-level market opportunities.

Get the Business Analyst resume template


Business Intelligence Developer

These developers build and maintain business intelligence (B.I.) apps and services, allowing organizations to mine their data for strategic insights.

Get the Business Intelligence Developer resume template


Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers plan, design and develop cloud-based applications and solutions.

Get the Cloud Engineer resume template



An organization’s Chief Technology Officer is ultimately responsible for all strategic decisions regarding the tech stack, especially in the context of business objectives.

Get the CTO resume template


Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security Engineers ensure software, hardware and overall computer systems are secure and protected from cyber-attacks.

Get the Cyber Security Engineer resume template


Data Analyst

Data Analysts collect, interpret and analyze data with statistical methodology.

Get the Data Analyst resume template


Data Architect

Data architects define, build, and maintain the data-related infrastructure of an organization.

Get the Data Architect resume template


Data Scientist

Data Scientists are responsible for cleaning, analyzing and finding meaning in data sets, and visualizing specific findings and outcomes.

Get the Data Scientist resume template


Database Administrator

Database administrators are tasked with building, storing, and securing an organization’s databases and other data repositories.

Get the Database Administrator resume template


Database Developer

Database Developers are responsible for the evolution of data, including designing and evolving schema, streamlining operations and maintaining databases.

Get the Database Developer resume template


DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers are the connection between developers, operations and IT staff, overseeing the release of code.

Get the DevOps Engineer resume template


Front End Developer

Front End Developers translate designs into eye-catching websites and associated apps, using a variety of tech languages.

Get the Front End Developer resume template


Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers are jack of all trades, that need to transition seamlessly between frontend and backend coding.

Get the Full Stack Developer resume template


Game Developer

A game developer uses a variety of tools and frameworks to build video games, either for consoles, the PC, or mobile (iOS/Android).

Get the Game Developer resume template


Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are responsible for developing visual treatments and identities, and translating their designs to front-end developers.

Get the Graphic Designer resume template


IT Manager

IT managers lead the teams that manage a company’s tech stack. They must have strong project management skills as well as exacting attention to detail.

Get the IT Manager resume template


Java Developer

Java Developers design, develop and manage java-based applications. Specific requirements can be outlined in the job description.

Get the Java Developer resume template


Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers create programs that enable machines to take actions without being specifically directed to perform those tasks.

Get the Machine Learning Engineer resume template


Mobile iOS Developer

Mobile iOS Developers design, develop, code, test and release native apps using Swift or Objective-C .

Get the Mobile iOS Developer resume template


Network Engineer

Network Engineers maintain network infrastructure, including implementing patches and applications, developing new infrastructures and more.

Get the Network Engineer resume template


Product Manager

Product Managers research, develop and spearhead the creation of products that support innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Get the Product Manager resume template


Product Owner

A product owner is a specific role in the Agile process. They keep track of a project’s backlog and determine what tasks the team must focus on next.

Get the Product Owner resume template


Program Manager

Program Managers identify objectives, goals and parameters of a program and strategize its implementation.

Get the Program Manager resume template


Project Coordinator

Project Coordinators work with cross-functional teams to help land key projects and business initiatives.

Get the Project Coordinator resume template


Project Manager

Project Managers develop tech project objectives, deadlines and assign goals and tasks to the necessary teams. Job descriptions should cover a range of skills.

Get the Project Manager resume template


Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineers review system requirements, specifications and more, providing analysis that improves a product.

Get the Quality Assurance Engineer resume template


RPA Developer

These developers focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how to use it to automate repetitive structured tasks throughout an organization.

Get the RPA Devleoper resume template


Sales Engineer

Sales Engineers develop comprehensive strategies in order to sell a range of technical products and services.

Get the Sales Engineer resume template


Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developers complete creative and customized solutions within the Salesforce platform.

Get the Salesforfce Developer resume template


Systems Architect

A systems architect analyzes their organization’s strategy and tailors the tech stack and network accordingly.

Get the Systems Architect resume template


Scrum Master

Scrum Masters manage product and project production timelines, supporting tech teams to do their best work possible.

Get the Scrum Master resume template


SharePoint Developer

SharePoint, the web-based platform integrated with Microsoft Office, is a key document management system for many companies. SharePoint developers are expected to keep it running optimally.

Get the SharePoint Devloper resume template


Solutions Architect

Solutions Architects design and implement information systems within company policy, providing programming architectures for code.

Get the Solutions Architect resume template


SQL Developer

Structured query language (SQL) is an older language used for manipulating and retrieving data in relational databases. SQL developers are integral to any organizations’ data management and analytics strategy.

Get the SQL Developer resume template


Systems Administrator

Also known as a “sysadmin,” systems administrators manage an organization’s systems, both on-premises and in the cloud. They must deal with cloud services, virtualized servers, BYOD issues, and so on.

Get the Systems Administrator resume template


Systems Engineer

Systems Engineers manage and oversee the development and implementation of networking and computing infrastructure.

Get the Systems Engineer resume template


Tableau Developer

Tableau is a popular data-visualization tool used by many organizations. Tableau developers know how to use it to help organizations achieve their data analysis and visualization objectives.

Get the Tableau Developer resume template


Technical Writer

Technical Writers translate in-depth technical language into content that customers can easily understand.

Get the Technical Writer resume template


UNIX Administrator

These administrators build, manage, and iterate on an organization’s servers and other hardware running the UNIX operating system.

Get the UNIX Administrator resume template


UX Designer

UX Designers are responsible for designing, measuring and optimizing web-based applications to minimize friction and improve ease of use.

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Web Developer

Web Developers design, maintain and evolve new web pages and web-based applications.

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