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Looking for a job posting template for Front End Developer jobs that can help you attract top talent? We’ve got you covered. Use this free front end developer job description sample template to assist you in finding the most qualified and experienced Front End Developer to support your company’s needs—and make the hiring process easier on you, too. Just post this template to our site and make necessary edits to highlight your company’s specific requirements and offerings.


Fast Facts:

  • Average Time to Fill: 55 days
  • 10-Year Projected Growth: 14.9%
  • Associated Skills: JavaScript, React JavaScript, ECMAScript 2015 (ES2015 / ES6), HTML5, AJAX

Front End Developer Job Summary:

We’re in search of a Front End Developer who’s super skilled in coding to translate designs into eye-catching websites and associated apps, using a variety of tech languages to help us achieve our goals. Having a programming background is important, because as a Front End Developer you’ll also be working with our team—including back end developers, UX design and graphic design teams—to optimize our website and create a connection between the user experience, and our design capabilities. That means you’ll need to be detail oriented, an excellent communicator, and tech savvy enough to know what we can and can’t do—and how to make the impossible possible.

Front End Developer Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work in conjunction with designers to review content to determine the structure of our website.
  • Build mockups, staging sites, and associated test projects for the team to explore and troubleshoot before launch.
  • Using a variety of programming languages, create eye-catching and functional web and mobile-based sites and associated apps that enhance user experience.
  • Optimize the site across multiple platforms to enhance user experience as needed, developing and implementing new features as required.
  • Perform regular site maintenance, ensuring user experience is top level, and making changes where needed to ensure that standard is met.
  • Establish Front End Developer best practices and lead a growing team of tech professionals.
  • Make relevant improvements and changes based on internal and external feedback.
  • Write reusable code, functional and requirement-based documents, specifications and guides.
  • Collaborate with associated cross-functional teams to ensure our site runs at peak capacity on every level, enhancing functionality and overall user experience.
  • Maintain brand consistency on every level, and amend anything that may not be up to par.
  • Effectively troubleshoot website and coding issues with associated teams.
  • Manage a multi-project workload, sometimes under tight deadlines.
  • Stay current with industry innovations, advancements and best practices, implementing improvements as needed.

Front End Developer Skills/Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a relevant field.
  • AWS Certified Developer, PMI-ACP, Adobe Certified Expert and other associated accreditations not required, but are a plus.
  • Fluent in HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and various content management systems including Drupal and WordPress.
  • Solid understanding of the development process from start to finish, including design, development and deployment.
  • Deep knowledge of front end design and development, with an understanding of design principals such as adaptive and responsive design.
  • Capable of translating design into code.
  • Solid communication skills and the ability to work cross-functionally across multiple departments associated with the development process.
  • Experience with software such as Adobe Illustrator, Suite and Photoshop.
  • Three or more years of experience working as a Front End Developer, or in a similar role.
  • Experience with server-side CSS.
  • Strong knowledge of SEO principles.
  • Troubleshooting skills, including browser testing and debugging.
  • Capable of managing multiple projects at once while still nailing deadlines.
  • An expert problem solver with interpersonal skills that can translate from teams to clients and management.

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