Main image of article What Recruiters Can Learn From David Beckham
Not long ago, it looked like soccer star David Beckham would not sign a contract extension with his current team, the L.A. Galaxy. OK, so Beckham might be a bit past his prime, but European clubs were still pursuing the idol and offering him a substantial raise to come aboard. But a funny thing happened on the way to the negotiating table, Beckham took stock of his family’s needs and his personal desire to win another MLS championship and decided to stay put. "Me and Victoria talked about it many times," said Beckham, whose family includes three boys and a 6-month-old daughter, according to the L.A. Times. "Our older son was a big part of it. He's 12 years old and he needs some stability in his schooling." The lesson for recruiters is simple: You can score top talent without being the highest bidder by asking, listening and then appealing to their needs and preferences. Now don’t get me wrong, the Galaxy didn’t low-ball Beckham and you won’t see him standing in a bread line anytime soon, but management was able to retain his services by showing him how much they wanted him to stay. It’s interesting how Beckham’s priorities mirror those of other employees. A survey of employee preferences by Unum lists the top-rated item as a company “that truly cares about the well-being of its employees.” Followed by a challenging and fulfilling position at 84 percent and job security at 82 percent. Galaxy scored with Beckham by showing that they truly care about his well-being, and now, he’s ready to return the favor.