Main image of article Dice Careers App Equals More Talent on Dice

Tech professionals tend to be meticulous and highly detail-oriented, traits that help so many of them carry out their jobs as programmers or developers. They need a job-hunting app that not only provides them with the latest positions from all over the country, but also offers a way to calculate the market-worth of their various skills. For recruiters and employers, our newly revamped Dice Careers app is good news, as it will help motivate tech pros at any stage of their careers to engage more fully in the job hunt. By providing personalized salary info based on the candidate’s Dice profile, the app will entice tech pros to provide richer, more accurate data for you. There’s nothing quite like easy-to-use mobile software, combined with reliable figures about true market value, to compel one to explore new opportunities. The app gives tech pros the ability to quickly search through open positions and apply to the ones that interest them. They will also receive job recommendations based on the positions they’ve viewed, and can see how adding different skills and levels of experience affects their potential salary. For employers and recruiters, the new app means more current, actionable candidate profiles on Dice. Armed with a better idea of their market value, as well as local job openings, those pros will zero in on your postings that much faster. It’s a win-win for everyone.