Main image of article Dice Report: Where Tech Pros Want to Work
Technology powers innovation, productivity and performance across all businesses today. Companies that are harnessing tech talent to embed technology into their business processes and products are winning in their respective markets. While the unemployment rate for tech pros remains low (2.8 percent), employers everywhere are looking for compelling ways to attract highly skilled, in-demand tech talent. Hiring in today’s challenging environment goes beyond just advertising open jobs. Companies must promote their employer brand to recruit, and tech pros are attracted to certain corporate attributes: competitive salaries, challenging work, benefits, a positive culture, and transparent organizational communication. In short, reputation is paramount. Dice released its inaugural Ideal Employer study this month, analyzing the companies that tech professionals most admire, as well as the places they most want to work. The data explored employers by region and company type, along with the aforementioned attributes that make firms desirable. All companies today compete for tech talent. As tech pros explore career opportunities that blend their craft with their passions, it’s important to make the distinction between tech firms and firms in other sectors. While the top spots in our study went to obvious tech firms (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, for example), a number of employers straddled with tech/non-tech line. With that in mind, here are the top three companies in key industries that tech pros ranked as ideal places to work: