Main image of article Dice User Tip: Get Hands-On Training
We’re always looking for ways to improve the Dice website and the services we provide our customers. One way we do that is through ongoing customer satisfaction surveys. In a recent survey, a number of our users commented that they wished we had a particular feature available, when in fact we do offer that feature. So if you're using your Dice account and wishing it had a certain function, just ask – we may already have it. In addition, the Dice Product Development team has been busy finding ways to make our site easier for you to use. We made a few improvements earlier this year, and more will be on the way soon. So remember, we offer FREE, fast one-on-one training, tips and tricks anytime you need it. . Just call Dice Customer Support at 1.888.321.DICE or email to set up a time. We’ll even set up a demo online so you get a “hands on” experience and can understand how powerful Dice can be in helping you target your ideal candidates. Or if group training is more your speed,  save the date for our free upcoming webinar: How To Use Dice To Find Top Tech Talent Thursday, September 20  12:00 pm CT