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It's hard to get tech pros to pursue an opportunity with just 140 characters. Well, not until now. See what Dice's new Twitter job card means for your jobs -- and how you can develop a more strategic tech recruiting strategy on Twitter 

dc_dev_blog_img Let's be real. The way we communicate with one another is changing. Ten years ago, if I wanted a response from a stranger -- someone I had absolutely no connection with -- email was probably my best bet. Today, if I wanted a response from a stranger, Twitter is the way to go -- especially for a tech professional. While both mediums are similar (they're just characters on an electronic screen), what separates a tweet from an email is that the tweet is short, concise, and can be tailored to fit a current conversation. And anecdotally, getting an @ tweet is way more gratifying and interesting than receiving an email. There's context. What this means is, before you insert yourself into someone's conversation, you can see if they're open to discussing things like Big Data, the NBA or pizza. Chances are, if someone is talking about Big Data and you reach out to them about Big Data, they'll reply. Likewise, if someone is only talking about Python, there's no way I'm going to engage them in a conversation about Java or show them an opening for Java. It's a waste of time. This isn't another article about best practices. Nope. Instead, it's about what Dice has done with Twitter to create a better job sharing experience -- and to provide more value to you, our customers. What Dice engaging with Twitter means to you. From now on, whenever you tweet a job from your Manage Jobs page or from your job posting on Dice, anyone with the Android or iOS Twitter app will see something like the below example. Dice's new Twitter Job Card Granted, this is just a test job that I've created. But by utilizing #Dice141, Dice's new Twitter job card, I've bypassed Twitter's 140 character limit. Within my tweet, I'm able to include all the information a potential applicant might need to decide if they're interested in the job. Now, I know some of you are thinking, "OK, that's great. But I don't have time to find people on Twitter." To you, I reply - "That's OK, this will still work for you." How so? The other great thing about Twitter is the use of hashtags to group conversations. So #python makes my tweet searchable by all who search for that tag AND makes it so my tweet will appear in anyone's feed who already follows that tag. If you're skeptical as to whether or not people use tags, here you go - #python on Twitter. Either way, we've got you taken care of. So start using #Dice141 today. Simply follow these few instructions. It's super easy.

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