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Watch Chris Brogan in this 3-minute video on how to make your customer the hero.

The last time I ran into Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan), President of Human Business Works, it was just a month prior at Ragan’s 5th Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference in Las Vegas. At the time, we were talking about getting your readers in the habit of taking action so that you can increase the level of engagement. One of the themes at that conference was making your customer a hero through the creation of branded content. At Talent Net Live at SXSW I caught up with Brogan again and this time I asked him how do you go about making your customer a hero. In the video Brogan talks about the importance of using video to tell stories. His advice on getting good at video is: do it a lot, look at what you shot, and learn from your mistakes. You don’t need to be producing everything you shoot. The next step to storytelling is to make sure you’re telling customer stories. Most companies do it wrong, said Brogan. They talk about their amazing product and how great they are. What you want to do is equip your buyer for success. Produce a story about how your product will make your customer successful.