Main image of article Five Twitter Blunders to Avoid

Twitter Fail WhaleIf you’re not getting good results from your Tweets, maybe you’re committing some or all of the Five Mistakes Recruiters Make on Twitter outlined by blogger Jennifer McClure:

  • Posting only job links
  • Not making your tweets public
  • Posting a bio without a photo or website link
  •  Only interacting with other recruiters
  • Tweeting solely about work

Looking at it from the other direction, McClure -- president of the consulting firm Unbridled Talent -- offers up this list of what you should do, most of which involves thinking about how you can communicate with folks on Twitter, rather than to folks using Twitter:

  1. Engage and add value with your tweets.
  2. Take advantage of the ability to build your network – by allowing people to connect with and follow you.
  3. Provide good information in your Bio to encourage Followers and include an appropriate link to learn more about you/your company.
  4. Follow and engage with people in the professions and industries that you recruit for – in addition to friends and professional peers.
  5. Be yourself. People want to follow real people – not auto-tweeters or corporate robots.

I can't help but add a caveat to those last two. Add your friends that aren't crazy and always know where the line is between being a corporate suit and being so open you lose the respect of your colleagues. Source: Unbridled Talent