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“In order to recruit the best, you have to provide the best candidate experience or candidates move on,” says Fred Pratt (@ffpratt), VP, Digital Platform Sales for TMP Worldwide. “Candidates are found predominantly on search engines, and they’re using mobile in a multitude of different ways.” You must have a mobile-friendly or mobile-optimized candidate site if you want to actually connect with the best talent, Pratt says. But it’s more than just mobile; it’s understanding how the intersection of search, mobile, and candidate experience work together. A combination of having a mobile-optimized site with lots of content, especially video, will benefit you greatly. Google ranks mobile sites higher in search rankings, and videos on Google listings are clicked on a multitude higher than text content in search listings, Pratt says. If a candidate searches a job, they’ll want content in context of that job. Think about what other related information a candidate would want to search for related to a job. For example, information about commuting, where people go to lunch, what are the favorite night spots nearby, and where do employees go for happy hour? If Pratt could change anything about the mobile experience for candidates, he’d make it possible for candidates to actually apply for jobs. There are technologies out there that solve part of the problem, but we’re not there yet, Pratt says.