Main image of article How Dice Empowers the Most Informed Connections in Tech Hiring

With so many of us still working, sharing ideas and job searching from home, creating positive, informed connections has never been more important – or more difficult to do. Pre-pandemic, it was simple for organizations to create connections by meeting with candidates in person, and inviting multiple team members to conduct interviews; since early 2020, these interactions have been all but impossible for all parties involved.

To make the best of a difficult situation, especially when it comes to tech hiring, the solution must be mutually beneficial to both technologists looking for their next opportunity and the recruiters and employers looking to hire. The platform must simultaneously eliminate friction, increase agility and enhance transparency, allowing recruiters and hiring organizations connect with the right technologists, at the right time, and with the right information.

Dice’s two new products, Candidate Profile and IntelliSearch Alerts, are designed to do just that. While Candidate Profile allows you to better understand candidates through their skills and experience, so you can connect with the right employers in a more transparent and genuine way, IntelliSearch Alerts deliver your jobs directly to the technologists whose profiles best match your open opportunities, increasing job views and application rates by relevant, unique technologists. These new tools, combined with other powerful features like Instant Messaging, the Dice platform, empower the most informed connections in tech hiring.

Candidate Profile 

The enhanced Dice Candidate Profile encourages technologists to update their profiles with new skills and experiences – and make their profiles visible – to give you an even deeper and more transparent talent pool. This can give you an advantage in more easily finding the candidates who are the best fit for your organization’s needs and values.

The new design gives you an easy way to identify relevant candidates, with profiles that clearly highlight skills, experiences and preferred jobs:  

  • Instant, direct connections, helping you quickly engage the right candidates   
  • A personalized way to connect, helping you begin a more open and genuine connection with the right candidates   
  • It’s easier than ever for technologists to make updates, encouraging more Visible profiles and expanding your pool of active candidates looking for their next great opportunity   
  • Complete, resume-like profiles, setting Dice apart as the career marketplace with the most detailed view of each technologist 

IntelliSearch Alerts 

IntelliSearch Alerts deliver your jobs directly and automatically to the candidates whose profiles best match your open opportunities, increasing job views and application rates by relevant, unique technologists.  

  • Candidates apply to IntelliSearch Jobs at 25% higher conversion rates than for jobs they discover through keyword searches.    
  • IntelliSearch Jobs exponentially increase the exposure of your job posts beyond candidate keyword searches and saved alerts.   
  • IntelliSearch Jobs encourage candidates to update their profiles more regularly, giving you access to greater numbers of recently active tech candidates. 
  • This feature also encourages more Visible profiles in the Dice database. 

To tie it all together, whether you discover the perfect profile when sourcing, or a relevant candidate applies for your job, Dice makes it simple to connect directly with technologists through our in-platform Instant Messaging feature. We’ll help you find the ideal candidates, so we invite you to start connecting today! 

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