Main image of article How Media Affects Your Employment Branding
In the new Definitive Guide to Employment Branding, by recruiting expert John Sumser, you’ll discover how Employment Branding (EB) is greatly affected by all aspects of media, including channels you may not ordinarily consider. Media—whether paid, earned, shared, or owned—broadly conveys information about the company as an employer. Sometimes the media is generated by the company; it may also come from employees or even customers. In depth, media includes:
  • Paid: Job Ads, Billboards, Programmatic Advertising, Other Advertising, Traffic Acquisition
  • Earned: Word of mouth, press releases, viral stories, Search Engine Optimization
  • Shared: User generated content, online reviews, internal social media initiatives. (Shared implies that the company can be proactive in social)
  • Owned: The company website, employment website, newsletters, job alerts, talent communities, email campaigns, content marketing
The company can control some of the media but not all of it. Like the flow of information in a Twitter feed, some of the media can be directly influenced by the company, while some of it cannot. The experience of an individual or prospective employee boils down to which media they consume and how completely they digest it. A world-class EB initiative blends the company’s narrative about what it’s like to work at the company with creative and proactive responses to the flow of uncontrollable information from the public. It takes experience and sensitivity to do this seamlessly. In the early stages of an EB project, the results will always leave room for improvement. If you want to learn more about how media can affect EB, and strategies for branding effectively, check out Sumser’s e-book: