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Since the beginning of the pandemic, more technologists are now looking to change employers. The percentage started at 32% in the second quarter of 2020, built to 40% in December 2020, and sits at 48% as of the second quarter of 2021.

Comparing to the broader environment, this is not all that surprising, as technologists’ interest in moving is certainly not occurring in isolation. According to a Fast Company poll, more than 50% of the broader workforce is considering a switch, with 44% making actual plans to do so.

This wave of interest in moving (and actually making moves) has spawned terms like “The Great Resignation” and with numbers this high, employers should expect some level of turnover. Recruiters are likely to be able to access good talent on the market for a wide range of roles. The key, as always, is that technologists, especially those in the upper echelon for skills and experience, have their choice in where they land, so it’s incumbent on recruiters and employers to put together the communication plans, offers and pitches that will set them apart.

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As one might expect, the trend of technologists looking to move is driven by those in the 18-44 age range, with a steep drop off in interest in changing employers for those aged 45 and above. This also coincides with the data we have on outlook in the 2021 Technologist Sentiment Report, where we report on technologists’ responses about their confidence in the economic recovery, sentiment around the COVID-19 vaccine and confidence in the future of the tech industry, all of which came back showing a strong sense of optimism.

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