Main image of article Keys to Recruiting Success from Microsoft
How does Microsoft fill hundreds of tech openings with top talent every year? During her recent Dice webinar, Microsoft’s Amy Miller, a ten year recruiting veteran with both agency and in-house experience, shared a “behind-the-scenes look at what Microsoft does and what makes us successful in recruiting.” During the webinar, Miller coverd: Candidate-Centric Recruiting: Even if candidates are square pegs for the round-hole reqs you’re trying to fill, don’t let them walk away. Miller discussed how everyone at Microsoft is a recruiter and that sharing gifted talent with other parts of the company, and even other recruiters, can drive success. Strategic Talent Advisement: Top recruiters go beyond filling reqs. Getting in early when planning for the hire, when the discussion focuses on what business problems the new employee will help solve, is just one of Miller’s five recommendations to help transform you from a reactive order taker into a valuable talent acquisition advisor. Employer Brands: Whether you work for small brands or big names like Microsoft, Miller offers ideas for using social to build employer brands or overcome negative perceptions. Start small, gather and share content, ask and listen, and, above all, keep it real and organic. Key Takeaways and Action Steps: Miller rounded out her webinar with a series of tangible ideas and questions you can use to improve in various areas, including:
  • Are you asking candidate-centric questions such as, “Forget Microsoft for a moment. If you could create your dream job, what would you work on?”
  • Are you the expert in your talent field and market? Do you know your competitors, salary trends and talent pools inside and out?
  • Are you helping to share organic, career-specific content to further your employer brand?
If you didn’t catch the webinar live, check out the replay below. Don’t miss the last 15 minutes of great Q&A, and be sure to share the replay link with your friends and colleagues: