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At Dice, we’re constantly looking for ways to save our customers time when searching for top tech professionals. One path is using data science to find employment patterns, and utilizing these patterns to create predictive algorithms. Thanks to that work, you’re now able to see which candidates on our Open Web social recruiting platform are more likely to be open to a new job opportunity, giving you a valuable heads-up in this tight recruiting market. The feature is called Likely to Switch. Here’s how this process works on our end:

  • We look at a tech pro’s employment history and make note of hiring dates and job-switching patterns, as well as updates to social media profiles.
  • We compare that against the rest of our data to see whether or not that candidate may be open to the possibility of new opportunities.
  • If yes, we mark them as “Likely-To-Switch.”

From your end, making use of this technology is as easy as two clicks:

  • Run your search.
  • Select the “Likely-To-Switch” filter and click “Apply.”
  • You will see a list of candidates potentially interested in the job terms you’ve provided.

Log in to Dice and use this new feature to maximize your candidate response rates and relationship-building efforts. And keep your feedback coming—just post a comment below or send us a note to


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