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Dice_OpenWebLogoDice Open Web gathers info from 130 social sites and consolidates it into one supercharged profile. See a candidate’s entire social media footprint, and get a comprehensive view of their passions and interests. Learn more about Open Web. This Social Icon Guide is a handy reference that provides a brief overview and corresponding icon for some of the 130 social sites Open Web covers. Download a printable copy of the Social Icon Guide. T = Tech Oriented  -  SN = Social Networking - Platform to create a central user profile that links to all of your social networks.
Bebo - Social networking site that is similar to Facebook. SN
Bitbucket - Hosting site for software developers to share code and collaborate. 3 million users. T - Internet radio with music streaming and sharing.
Blogger - Site to create and host blogs. - Business news with profiles of successful business people.
CrunchBase - Database of technology companies, people and investors. T
Delicious - Tool to save, organize and remember links you find interesting on the web.
Dice - The most comprehensive view of tech talent. Millions of unified profiles that leverage data from 1.5 million resumes and 50 social sites. T
Digg - User-generated news website where people vote content up or down.
Disqus - Service that helps facilitate comments and discussions on your website.
Facebook - Social networking site, connects people with friends and others. 1+ billion users. SN
Flickr - Photo management and sharing application.
Foursquare - Geo-targeting tool that recommends places and deals based on where people visit. See where candidates check-in to connect. SN
FriendFeed - Site that consolidates updates from social networks in one spot.
GitHub - Hosting site for software developers to share code and collaborate. Largest code host in world. 3 million users. T
Google Profiles - Site to create a personal profile to help control your public image.
Google+ - Social networking site. 500 million users. Second largest network behind Facebook. SN
Gravatar - Creates an image to represent you across the web. Appears when you comment and post. Provides personal contact info for candidates.
Identica - Social networking and micro-blogging service. Can also install software, customize groups and download plugins. SN
Instagram - Facebook-owned mobile tool to share photos and video. Now create/upload 15-second videos to share; Competes with Vine/Twitter. SN - Internet radio service that recommends new music based on what you listen to.
LiveJournal - Site to create and host blogs. Has a social component with friends lists.
Meetup - Site that helps groups of people plan online and offline meetings/meetups. SN
Mixx - DJ software for making mixes. Open source project. Programmers contribute code.
MySpace - Not used much anymore for social networking. Mostly music and entertainment. SN
Ning - Platform to create, customize and launch your own social network. Used to have free platform; Pay only now.
Orkut - Google-owned social networking and discussion site. SN
Pinterest - Content sharing service where users “pin” images and videos to pinboards. #3 most popular behind Facebook and Twitter. SN
Plancast - Site to find events and things to do near you. Helps people connect and share events.
Plaxo - Site to manage and sync multiple address books and contact information.
Plurk - Social networking and micro-blogging service with comments grouped in threads. Accepts images and videos. SN
Quora - Q&A site edited by users. middleics are aggregated. Large Silicon Valley user base. SN
Reddit - Unique bookmarking site; Social news website and forum where stories are curated and promoted by its users.
Seesmic - Suite of tools to help users simultaneously manage accounts for multiple social networks.
Squarespace - Site to create websites, pages, galleries and blogs.
Stack Overflow - Q&A site for software developers. Contains library of detailed programming info. T
StumbleUpon - Site that finds and recommends content based on what you view and rate. Thumbs up or thumbs down content. SN
Technorati - Search engine specifically for blogs. Finds content based on tags and keywords. Provides popularity indexes and great for SEO.
TripIt - Site to organize trip details and share travel plans.
Tumblr - Yahoo owned blogging platform and social networking site. Recently purchased to compete with Facebook and Google. SN
Twitter - 140-characters social networking and micro-blogging service. #2 in users, behind Facebook. SN
Typepad - Service for hosting and publishing blogs and photo albums.
Viadeo - Professional social network (like LinkedIn) with a major presence in Europe, India, China, and South America. SN
Vimeo - Non-commercial site to upload, share, and view videos (like YouTube). SN
WordPress - Site to create and host websites and blogs. An Open Source project.
Xing - Social network for business and careers with a major presence in Germany. SN
YouTube - A popular site to upload, share, and view videos. Operated by Google. #2 for SEO, next to Google. SN
T = Tech Oriented - SN = Social Networking