Main image of article How Optimizing the Candidate Job Search Saves Time

Dice recently released an enhanced Job Search and Alerts platform for tech professionals, giving them faster ways to find the jobs that are most relevant to them. And while employers may not focus much on products aimed at the candidate experience, it’s worth considering how these improvements can make your life easier.

Meeting Tech Professionals' Job Search Expectations

You’re probably already familiar with this challenge: tech skills are in high demand in the US, giving tech professionals much more leeway to select job opportunities than in other industries. That’s why it’s vital to recruit through a platform that meets their high expectations for technology. Dice Job Search and Alerts provides a modern UX to meet their preferred way of searching via mobile or desktop, as well as the match speed to return job opportunities in an instant.

Highly Relevant Job Alerts

However, not every candidate will spend a great deal of time searching, regardless of the platform. To attract these tech professionals, you need to bring the opportunities to them. Registered tech professionals who search for jobs on Dice can set custom filters for the kinds of opportunities they want and then create job alerts that are delivered via daily or weekly email. When they set job alerts on the new platform, they’ll receive opportunities that are more targeted to their preferences than ever.

Motivating Candidate Activity

Data from the Dice Job Search and Alerts platform reveals that tech candidates who create job alerts are more likely to apply to jobs, make their profile visible to employers and recruiters, and update their profile. This means Dice clients will see more candidates whose skills are current and clearly delineated, and who are responsive to outreach from employers—ultimately leading employers to the right candidates at a faster time-to-hire.

Featured Jobs: Boost Your Visibility

The new Dice Job Search and Alerts also offers an enhancement directly focused on employers: Featured Jobs, a better way to optimize your job description. Featured Jobs are especially helpful in competitive markets with dozens of results for common search terms. When your job is relevant to candidates’ search criteria, it gets elevated to the top of search results. In the highly competitive tech hiring landscape, Featured Jobs allow Dice clients to gain maximum exposure for their job postings.  

Dice has already seen the enhanced user experience attract more leading tech professionals to the Job Search and Alerts platform, and we expect to increase retention of current users. At the same time, the synergy of highly visible job posts and optimized candidate experience will drive more candidate registrations, job views, saved jobs, alerts created, and ultimately more job applications. Employers looking for an edge in tech hiring landscape will recognize that with more engaged candidates and higher conversion rates, the new platform delivers Dice clients the right hire at the right time. 

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