Main image of article Pointers for Recruiting In a Demanding Market
While salary is certainly an important factor for job candidates, it’s not the only thing that can sway their decision: solid perks, best-in-class co-workers, and a sense of “changing the world” can also exert a powerful influence. For recruiters and HR pros, a vital part in recruiting the best talent is selling not only the position, but also the company culture. You don’t just explain how the job will advance the candidate’s career; you describe (in detail) how the candidate’s work will meaningfully advance the company’s goals, and why those goals matter to the industry and even the world at large. When trying to convince a candidate to potentially relocate hundreds (or even thousands) of miles, the recruiter will also need to sell the location. What sort of quality-of-life benefits come with the new location? How much further will a salary go in a smaller city? Given the low unemployment rate in tech at the moment, recruiters should also be aware that candidates with in-demand skills will likely demand salaries and perks well above the averages for a particular position or region. For even more tips (and some insight into what tech pros are making these days), download the latest Dice Salary Survey.