Main image of article Recruiting Dash: Improve Your Process with Better Metrics

The recruiting industry is missing out on recruiting data that could be used to improve its its processes, says Jason Warner (@Jason_s_warner), founder of Recruiting Dash, a SaaS-based metrics, analytics, and reporting solution for the recruiting industry. At ERE’s Recruiting Innovation Summit (#RIS12), Warner talked about how organizations say they want to measure recruiting behavior, but are unable to with the metrics reported by their Application Tracking Systems (ATS). When Warner was running recruiting operations for fast-growing companies like Starbucks and Google, he saw the problem with this lack of truly actionable recruiting intelligence. It became his incentive to start Recruiting Dash. I asked Warner to give me an example of how better metrics could improve the recruiting process, and he talked about two different companies with seemingly similar recruiting operations. Both companies' time to fill was 100 days, but a deeper dive into their time data showed significant differences. One company took only 10 days to find the finalist, but then took 90 days to turn them into an employee. The other company took 90 days to find the candidate and only 10 days to get them on board. Warner says in that case, the first company probably has a great sourcing strategy but their process stinks. Conversely, the second company probably needs to improve their sourcing, but their onboarding is working well. “Only measuring 100-day time to fill doesn’t tell you what’s going on in that recruiting supply chain,” says Warner.