Main image of article Attract Top Talent With Great Work and Great People

Winston Binch (@winstonbinch) was a fan of a Volkswagon commercial known as Mini Darth. He liked it so much that he joined the integrated advertising and digital agency that made it, Deutsch LA, as their Chief Digital Officer. Binch says that attracting the best talent really boils down to taking away the company’s logo and examining the brand as a whole. First, look at the company’s clients. Next, look at the type of work the company is doing. And finally, examine the quality of work that gets created. For Binch, brand building and storytelling are among the most important things to look for in a good company. However, he says that many developers don't look to big advertising agencies when seeking tech and digital positions. Instead, they focus on small digital agencies, production companies, or start-up companies. Binch says the common thread is the desire to do great work with great people. He often focuses on candidates that enjoy the experience and are "industry rockstars," having a wide social network, great talent, and the ability to pull in other top talent within their respective circles.