Main image of article Building and Tracking Talent Communities With Jennifer McClure

Want to start a talent community? Unsure what you should be doing? You're not alone. Jennifer McClure (@JenniferMcClure) of Unbridled Talent LLC sees this behavior in companies of all sizes. But, she admits, it sure does help if you have a large organization. When you're ready to launch a talent community set goals, but don't obsess over ROI. For example, set goals for awareness, or engagement with the brand, McClure told Sarah White (@imsosarah). And don't lean on old analytics such as time-to-hire and number of hires. You need to look at the quality of your hires and your sourcing analytics. Many organizations aren't measuring their sources, and McClure notes that some get a little mixed up and count their own career site as a source. Far more valuable is to figure out how people are getting to your site.