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Prepping to interview a candidates for an important position, but unsure of what questions to ask to ensure you’re finding someone who can bring that “extra something” to your company? We’ve got exactly what you need. Use these tech interview questions and guides to help you determine which candidate is more than merely skilled and experienced in the basics—someone who will bring the knowledge and know-how that can help elevate your company and support its needs above and beyond the usual. Not only will that help make the interview process easier, it will also help you uncover the tech professionals who are deep-thinkers, high-performers, and all-around true standouts.

This guide offers sample tech interview questions and their ideal answers for today’s hottest tech positions. These questions are meant to complement the specific line of questioning you would use when interviewing candidates to assess whether they meet the core requirements of each specific job and are a good fit for your company’s organizational culture.


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Back-End Software Engineer

Back-End Software Engineers design, build out and maintain the server-side of web applications.

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers develop and manage data infrastructure tools to gain valuable business and strategic insights.

iOS Developer

iOS Developers design, develop, test, troubleshoot and release native apps using Swift or Objective-C.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers develop cutting edge programs that enable machines to take actions without being specifically directed.

Project Manager

Project Managers create tech project objectives and deadlines, then assign specific goals and tasks to the necessary teams.

Solutions Architect

Solutions Architects develop and implement information systems within company policies, providing programming architectures for code.

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