Main image of article Tech Managers’ Checklist for Making the Right Hire
Today’s technology jobs are tied directly to business outcomes, which means that successful hires must offer more than expertise in jQuery or .NET or JavaScript. As part of being a great tech manager, you want each member of your team to understand how their work impacts the business and fits with other efforts throughout both the technology organization and the wider company. No longer is the technical staff siloed. It’s not surprising for developers to find themselves working with colleagues who have only the barest understanding of the tech stack and how it operates. In such an environment, finding someone who can meet a role’s technical, cultural and business requirements is a challenge. While it’s the recruiter’s task to identify candidates who measure up, their success depends on the information you give them. After all, no one has a better perspective than the hiring manager on what will characterize a successful candidate. That means recruiters depend on you to provide a nuanced and thorough portrait of each open role and the type of person who’ll fill it successfully. That’s not a small task. The market for tech professionals today is competitive, and employers have to demonstrate each opportunity’s full promise if they’re going to get a candidate’s attention. To help, Dice has put together this New Tech Hire Summary for you to complete and share with your recruiter when you have an open tech position to fill. It gives you a place to detail everything a recruiter needs to know in order to identify the right candidates and get them interested in the job. Not only does the checklist include information on the role’s background, skills and responsibilities, it will help you map out many of the important (but often overlooked) characteristics of an ideal candidate, including the ways in which they might best fit with your team. It also helps you set clear expectations, so everyone involved in the hiring process will know when you expect to see resumes and reach other critical milestones. The most important thing you can do for a recruiter on the way to making the right hire is provide a complete, accurate view of the challenges you face and the type of tech pro who can help you meet it. Use our New Tech Hire Summary to simplify the task.