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For recruiters on Dice, Connections help build a personalized network of top tech talent and establish trusted relationships that can lead to filled jobs. 

In a recent survey of Dice members, more than half of tech professionals indicated they are likely to change employers in the next year. While reasons for seeking opportunities cover a wide range of motivators, from higher salary to better career alignment and employer value, building a trusted connection is the foundation for employers to engage and hire tech professionals. 

How do Connections work on Dice?  

Connections works similarly for both recruiters and tech professionals in that both groups are able to add each other to their network. Once someone is part of your Dice Connections, you can easily find them, view their profile and updates or send them an Instant Message or Private Email.   

Why should I start building Connections?  

By using Connections on Dice, recruiters will be able to build a network of tech professionals, and never miss out on timely updates from top tech talent; from when they become open to new opportunities to updating their skills and certifications and much more.  

Dice Connections is an instrumental tool for recruiters to build trusted relationships with tech professionals – both for hiring in the near-term and the long-term. 

What’s next for Connections?  

Dice Connections is Dice’s latest feature release focused on fostering better relationships and communication between technologists and employers. Technologists and employers will be able to connect with each other – allowing them to establish a network of trusted relationships and receive timely status updates. 

We will continue to develop additional features and enhancements to this functionality on Dice throughout 2023, and beyond – so please stay tuned!  

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