Main image of article The Best Candidates are in Your ATS, with Jennifer Hasche

Hundreds of resumes are being fed into your application tracking system (ATS), yet many companies ignore that “through your front door” data and look to recruiters to help them find candidates. Source from your own system first, Jennifer Hasche (@JenniferINTUIT), lead sourcer at Intuit, told Sarah White (@imsosarah). In one case, Intuit had 230 applications for Director of Customer Care in its system, yet no one had looked at them. Intuit's online recruiting system drives the use of online applicants. Even if you don’t know Boolean search techniques, other basic searches will easily help you find the candidates you want to interview, Hache says. Companies don't find the qualified candidates in their own system because they're not taking the time to actually run the queries to find what they’re looking for. In fact, notes White, 60 percent of those submitted via recruiters are actually already in a company’s systems.