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There is no single agreed-upon definition of Employment Branding. Like many of the most useful components of Human Resources, Employment Branding (EB) is a broad umbrella of ideas with a decidedly local implementation character. Effective EB, however, can boost the effectiveness of your tech-recruiting efforts, in part by improving how candidates perceive your brand. In The Definitive Guide to Employment Branding by recruiting expert John Sumser, you will learn about EB’s “big picture” and pick up enough advice to start your own unique EB implementation. You’ll also find a number of insights and ideas from the leading practitioners and thinkers on the subject. While they do not always agree with each other (or the author), their experience is broad and expansive. Their tips and insights are scattered throughout the Guide. On a practical level, the book will show ways to get started with Employment Branding, including how to develop a workforce-planning model that allows you to analyze your company (and any issues) at a glance, and deploy resources (survey data, company newsletters, and so on) that will allow you to change internal and external perceptions. Check it out: