Main image of article Timing is Everything: The 'When' of Winning Tech Talent
Register now for Dice’s free webinar: "Timing is Everything: The 'When' of Winning Tech Talent." When it comes to sourcing and hiring top tech talent, it sometimes feels as if all the stars need to align for the right hires to happen. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projections of the 30 fastest-growing careers, which are updated every two years, show that the total number of people employed in the United States will have increased 10.1 percent — by 15.3 million — between 2008 and 2018. However, some jobs will grow at a much faster rate during that period. For example, computer software and systems software engineers will enjoy a projected increase of 30.4 percent in 2018; computer applications software engineers will increase 34 percent.  With that increase in the number of jobs, it is critical that sourcing and recruiting activities be strategic, hyper-targeted, and purposeful. In this free webinar, Natalie Severino, VP of Client Marketing at DHI Group Inc., will share actionable tips based on proprietary data to help you time your strategic outreach and activities to maximize ROI and reduce time-to-hire. Register now to learn time-saving strategies while boosting success rates with in-demand tech professionals:
  • Which days and times to reach out to tech candidates to ensure the highest probability of response.
  • How to filter your candidate pool to reach top tech talent with the highest likelihood of switching jobs.
  • When candidates are most likely to convert from passive to active.
Why invest your valuable time in this free webinar? “Exactly when you recruit and how long the recruitment process lasts has a significant impact on the number of successful hires you make,” said Dr. John Sullivan, internally-recognized HR thought leader specializing in strategic talent management. Additional pressure is mounting for those tasked with keeping the organization on the leading edge: nearly 80 percent of executives are concerned that a lack of key skills threatens the growth potential of their organization. Master the “when” of winning tech talent by joining Natalie Severino as she addresses these topics step-by-step:
  • Timing your day, workweek, year, candidates, and even your competitors.
  • Focusing your attention on the candidates with the greatest probability of switching jobs.
  • Engaging with candidates who are statistically ready to move on.
Webinar: Timing is Everything: The 'When' of Winning Tech Talent Date: Thursday, September 28 Time: 2 EST / 11 PST Duration: 45 minutes Register Now