Main image of article Utilizing Video to Let Candidates Pre-Interview Potential Employers with Will Staney

What’s the best way to get potential employees interested in a job? Show them what the job is going to be like. And the best way to show is through video. That’s what Will Stanley (@willstaney), Director of Talent Acquisition for SuccessFactors discovered when he was working with VMware. While at the virtualization software company, Staney’s team used video for both employer branding and as a recruiting tactic. They simply just gave Flip cams to hiring managers and asked them to shoot short videos of those doing the job and what they were looking for. Acting as a first level filter, the videos have allowed candidates to pre-interview their potential employer, and as a result either repel or attract potential hires to actually apply, Staney said. Candidates that do watch the videos are far more knowledgeable when they come in for an interview. If you ask them what influenced them to apply for the job they often refer to the culture picture that was created by the videos, Staney said.