Main image of article 10 Tools and Extensions for More Efficient Tech Recruiting
Tech recruiters have the interesting challenge of finding candidates with highly specialized skills. Factor in the pressure to source and recruit qualified candidates fast, and it comes as no surprise that these recruiters face a unique set of issues. To alleviate the pain points of tech recruiting and facilitate a more efficient process, there are – you guessed it – technologies that can help. But which to choose? Any successful recruiting strategy needs a solid computing foundation. I recommend you start with Google Chrome and G Suite (formerly Google Apps). Once these are in place, there are several apps and extensions that enhance automation, functionality and, ultimately, productivity. For example, consider downloading the following:

Foundational Factors

Not just a “nice to have,” these tools and extensions make it possible to fly through the day with the greatest of ease. They eliminate interruptions, find focus and maximize performance: OneTab: Open browser tabs tend to accumulate throughout the day, creating distractions and making it increasingly difficult to navigate around. This free extension converts open tabs into a clear, concise list that can be restored all at once or individually. In addition to decluttering the recruiting workspace, this also helps reduce CPU load and speeds up computer performance. Taco: Chances are, if tabs are an issue, so are tasks. In just one Chrome tab, Taco provides visibility into more than 40 services, including Evernote, Google, Salesforce, Slack and Zendesk (to name a few). As a result, recruiters get a holistic view of existing tasks. Add, organize and check things off the list without ever leaving the extension. You can access Taco on the road via web and mobile, too. AdBlock: Not just a clever name, AdBlock is a longtime favorite that prevents errant pop-ups and advertisements from interrupting the workday. This pay-what-you-want software automatically stops ads from downloading, while allowing users to customize preferences, set up filter lists and run in whitelist mode. The result is a streamlined browsing experience with far fewer intrusions. Grammarly: When it comes to connecting with tech talent, presentation counts – on both sides of the interaction. Grammarly gives recruiters an edge by checking for typos and providing feedback on grammar, punctuation, style mistakes and more. Available as a browser extension and desktop app, Grammarly also looks for conflicts (including potential plagiarism). Upgrade to Premium for additional features.

Social Support

Look beyond just one single social network; strike the right balance across social sites, and connect with the purple squirrels where they like to play. In other words, check out these tools. Buffer: To round out a tech recruiting strategy, there needs to be a social component. Enter Buffer, a comprehensive social media management platform. With the addition of the Buffer extension, tech recruiters can share articles, schedule content and analyze performance. This allows tech recruiters to extend their reach, find new audiences, and grow an engaged following with just a few clicks. Glean more insight from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook with This extension will pull a social snapshot of email contacts, provided the email address is tied to those accounts. Recruiters can now learn more about candidates based on their social behaviors and, in turn, personalize outreach efforts. Bonus feature: it works with Hunter and Buffer. RiteTag: Target tech talent with the aid of RiteTag, an extension and app that offers hashtag suggestions based on real-time engagement. Use RiteTag with Buffer to find out which tags tie to those must-have tech skills, which helps your message get seen. Works across social networks, including Instagram and Pinterest.

Candidate Capture

Get to top tech talent faster with these tools. Learn the lingo, identify interests, and forge meaningful connections while browsing. Dice: Their newly updated TalentSearch Chrome Extension lets you discover a candidate’s comprehensive social and professional profiles across the web from a single browser. You can also see how likely the candidate is to switch jobs, search similar candidates, and click directly to a candidate’s Dice profile. According to Jackye Clayton, “Dice is the Godfather of all tech job boards.” Hunter: Save leads and export information more efficiently with Hunter (previously known as Email Hunter). This Chrome extension helps recruiters track down professional email addresses and verify deliverability. Other benefits include a free email tracker for Gmail and a lookup function that allows recruiters to find websites using certain technologies. Test out the free plan and get 100 requests per month, upgrades available. Streak: Streak for Hiring lets tech recruiters track candidate interactions from their Gmail account. Using this familiar design, Streak builds on existing email behaviors to help manage the recruiting process every step of the way. Features include simple collaboration and sharing, easy access to candidate information on the side of every email, the ability to automate outreach efforts and more. Whether it’s just one, two or all of the above, to get to tech talent faster, think like a techie and find the right combination of tools to fill your kit. Ryan Leary helps create the processes, ideas and innovation that drives RecruitingDaily. He’s RecruitingDaily’s in-house expert for anything related to sourcing, tools or technology. A lead generation and brand buzz building machine, he has built superior funnel systems for some of the industry’s top HR Tech and Recruitment brands. He is a veteran of the online community and a partner at RecruitingDaily.