Main image of article 5 Steps for Tech Recruiting with Google+

Google+ is one of the most valuable social media platforms for recruiters, and yet it’s also one of the most overlooked. With over 300 million monthly active users, Google+ is a source of both active and passive talent. As a natural hub for tech-savvy professionals, it should be integral to your social recruiting strategy. In five simple steps, here’s how to uncover tech talent on it:

1. Build Your Brand on Google+

Your Google+ profile—whether it is a company account or your own individual account—provides a fantastic space for building an online identity. Fill it with rich content, and provide simple ways to connect. Use keywords in your tagline and introduction to help your target audience find you.

2. Search Google+

There are a few ways to narrow down the huge talent pool on Google+. The first is to use the search bar to search people and pages; you can also search Google+ communities to find relevant groups (click ‘see all’ next to ‘Members,’ which enables you to search through all community members). You can save yourself additional time by using tools such as Dice’s Open Web social recruiting platform, which searches not only Google+ but 130 social and professional sites.

3. Use Talent Pools

Circles on Google+ are a great feature for helping you organize talent and share relevant content with the right people. Set up circles based on the skills or industries you recruit for; for example, you can have a ‘Java Candidates’ and ‘SAP Candidates’ circle.

4. Connect

One of the best features of Google+ is the ability to connect with professionals both through Google+ and directly via users’ Gmail accounts. Google+ is all about content, so build a relationship with professionals by sharing relevant info, either through individual circles or publicly (so it can be found in searches). You can also connect using Hangouts, which (for those who don’t know), is Google’s video-conferencing function.

5. Engage with Candidates

Featuring content through your Google+ page will improve your SEO ranking. Google+ is all about content; the more you post, the more your authenticity will increase, meaning more exposure to the best tech professionals. Make sure your content is relevant, and candidates will come to you when they are ready to consult on their next move. Want more social recruiting tips? Visit our Social Recruiting Starter Kit. Image: spaxiax /