Main image of article A Smarter Way to Search Dice is Here

The start of a new year brings with it a desire to improve upon the past. To go further, dig deeper and accomplish more. dc_dev_blog_img For us on your Dice Developer team, we’re focused on how we can help you do just that. More specifically, how we can improve your search for top tech talent by making it faster and more efficient. But, unlike most New Year’s resolutions, we’re sticking to ours. In fact, we’re making immediate strides forward by rolling out a smarter way to search Dice in Q1 2015. We’ve been in beta with this search for nearly a year, and based on incredibly positive customer feedback, it’s ready for prime time. This new Dice search gives you:

  • One-click results: You can search for skills, job titles, companies and people in a single, efficient click. Or, if you prefer, you can run an advanced Boolean search.
  • Filters that give you more control: You can quickly drill deeper and filter your results by distance, career activity, skills, compensation and more.
  • Richer social data: We’re now combing our Dice resumes and Open Web profiles into one, so you no longer have to toggle back and forth. Plus, we’re serving up social data from 80+ additional sites, which means you’ll get more candidate data.

Here's a quick video preview of our new search. Can’t wait to start using the new interface? Simply login to Dice and click “Opt-in” at the top of your Candidate Search page. - Tam