Main image of article Dice Report: Jobs That Tech Pros Apply For
What kinds of jobs are technology professionals applying for? A recent analysis of the Dice database suggests that developer and engineer positions tend to attract the most applies. Large numbers of tech pros also want to become business analysts and project managers. Here are the top eight job titles by applies over the past 12 months, listed in descending order: It’s clear that Java and .NET are the big winners among tech pros applying for jobs, and with good reason. Java is one of the top programming languages by usage and popularity. And .NET remains integral to many corporate technology stacks. If the positions on this list share one thing in common, it’s that they all reflect a continual corporate need for tech pros who can keep infrastructure running, and products evolving, on a day-to-day basis. While cutting-edge technologies such as virtual and augmented reality draw a lot of media attention, and compel many people to enter the tech industry in hopes of defining the future, the industry actually moves forward thanks to the skills and effort of these managers, analysts, and developers. Given their importance to company roadmaps, tech pros in these roles can continue to command high salaries and generous perks. In the fourth quarter of 2016, the technology industry’s unemployment rate remained steady year-over-year at 2.9 percent. While it’s impossible to predict how the unemployment rate will fluctuate throughout 2017, companies in all industries will continue to need tech pros to keep everything running smoothly. “In this dynamic market, social recruitment and marketing services are table stakes, and employers need to work harder to gain the attention of top tech talent. They must step beyond job postings and utilize new, powerful tools. Dice Open Web and Lengo products ensure our customers find tech talent, and that talent is open to engaging with them,” said Bob Melk, President of Dice.