Main image of article Dice Needs IT Hiring Managers for Resume Critiques
The Dice News team is looking for IT hiring managers to volunteer for our “Real Deal” pilot program.  We’ll match you with a tech candidate that's currently a Dice reader, and you’ll critique their resume. Then Dice News will interview both of you and post a marked-up copy of the resume on so other tech professionals can learn from it. (The candidate’s personal information, such as their name, email, phone number and former employers will be blacked out). Check out an example that recently ran in Dice News. The hiring manager enjoyed the experience because he felt he was helping someone, while also giving his company greater visibility among tech professionals. And the candidate felt she gained three substantial pieces of valuable advice from a real employer in her industry. If one of your IT hiring managers is willing to spend an hour or two critiquing resumes and give tech candidates the "Real Deal", please contact: Dawn Kawamoto Associate Editor,