Whether gainfully employed or between jobs, tech pros are always looking to improve on their professional abilities. Staying on top of the latest tech skills is critical not only to those pros who want to create their best work and move to the next stage in their career, but also the recruiters trying to place them in the best possible positions. To help with all those goals, we’ve been working hard on a number of tools. One of these new tools, the recently launched Skills Center, catalogs over 8,000 tech skills. Each skill comes with a comprehensive description, along with visualizations of its popularity over time and how it relates to other tech skills. These resources help you explore information about not only the tech skills you understand, but also those that might be worth knowing more about: skill-relatedgraph You can also use the Skills Center to find new and trending tech skills, as well as assess the popularity of widely-known skillsets: skill-popularity In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or visit us here.