Main image of article Why Branding Should Be in the Hands of Employees

Historically we’ve put branding in the hands of a few concentrated people that are “authorized” to talk about the company. In the era of social media, that makes no sense, explained Jason Seiden (@seiden), Co-Founder and CEO of Ajax Social Media. In the short video interview above, learn why Jason is a firm believer of workforce marketing, where you align company messages across all your employees so you can get everyone singing the same tale. Work and home selves are intertwined. You can’t compartmentalize communications. It’s a more personal world with social media. Whether your company likes it or not, everyone is a brand ambassador of your business, said Seiden. No company is excused, said Seiden. Even in the compliance driven world of the financial industry, you can still be under industry regulations, yet still be personal and valuable.