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[caption id="attachment_11937" align="alignright" width="150"]KateMatsudaira2 Kate Matsudaira, Former CTO and founder of Popforms[/caption] In an era of near-full employment for tech professionals and exploding competition among employers for skilled talent, identifying candidates with exactly the right experience and skills can put a premium on a recruiter’s ingenuity. Sometimes, the perfect candidate isn’t the one who already owns the necessary skill set – it’s the candidate with the right core abilities who can be trained to evolve into a new, more complex role easily and efficiently. That’s the premise of the seven-part series of Transferable Skills Guides I developed with Dice. Each guide will help you identify which skills, training and resume nuggets translate to success in a tech’s hardest-to-fill positions. By showing which skills stand out as precursors to future success, the guides will assist you in broadening your searches for hidden gems – candidates your organization or your clients can groom into superstars. View all seven Transferable Skills Guides below: Good luck your quest for top talent.