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Fishing LuresEven if you’re inundated with resumes from IT professionals, you’re probably struggling to fill engineering jobs. More than 32,000 engineering positions are posted on Dice, and nearly two-thirds of U.S. employers say that engineering and science-related positions are the hardest jobs to fill. Assuming that you’re already offering great pay and benefits, here are some tips that could make the difference in recruiting the engineers you want. Sell The Project Engineers want to work with the latest technology, and the thrill of the project is just as important as cash. From the outset, involve your company's engineers in the recruiting process so they can talk shop with prospects and get them excited toward upcoming projects. One engineer advised employers to include a typical engineering problem in job postings and other advertisements to tantalize potential candidates. Sell Collaboration and Creativity In describing the secrets of the Silicon Valley, UC Berkley professor Naeem Zafar credits the region’s culture of collaboration for its success, so if you’ve got it, flaunt it. A collaborative environment will help you attract top-notch talent. Engineers are analytical thinkers and innate problem solvers, so they want positions that allow them to apply these skills and develop innovative solutions. Talking about your work environment and the creative freedom you'll offer could help lure them away from their current employer. Sell the Future The opportunity to advance or a generous training allowance is also a draw, since engineers need to continually update their knowledge and technical skills to remain marketable. Offer Flexibility Don’t mandate early start times, and for goodness sake let them telecommute a few days a week. Engineers want the freedom to work on their own terms, including time off to attend conferences or participate in professional associations.