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recruitingtrends.com_logoWhether you are a small, mid or large size company, finding the right technology talent can seem almost impossible. In an industry that saw unemployment rates consistently less than half of the overall U.S. average, you really have to ‘get’ the talent landscape before you can write a solid job description, search effectively and hire the right person. But how? Dice's Senior Vice President of Sales, Tom Silver, has some ideas. Below you can watch a recent webinar presented by Recruiting Trends that featured Tom Silver, Michael Gray, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist at Hershey Company, and Michael D' Antonio, Managing Partner of ITC Staffing.

Learn from these experts as they touch on:

  • Current hiring trends in tech recruiting
  • Today’s tech salary expectations and trends
  • The top in-demand tech skills – understand what you are competing for
  • Where to find tech talent
  • How to attract top tech talent to your organization
  • Cool tools such as Dice's new social recruiting service, Open Web search

If you recruit tech talent, you don’t want to miss this. .