Main image of article Interview Horrors, Just in Time for Halloween
Jack O'LanternsEvery seasoned recruiter has experienced a nightmarish interview, so in honor of Halloween, here’s a collection of ghoulish tales from around the Internet. Enjoy!
  • The candidate who was so desperate he handcuffed himself to the desk and told the interviewer he wasn’t leaving until he got the job.
  • The candidate who brought the interview to a halt, in order to dial her therapist for guidance on how to answer a question.
  • When asked what person they would most like to meet, living or dead the applicant replied “the living one.”
  • The applicant who spent the entire interview bellyaching about her former boss, unaware that the interviewer was related to her him and had the same last name.
  • The applicant who forgot dark socks to wear with his suit, so he colored his ankles with a black felt-tip marker.
  • The candidate who said that by crossing the Maryland state line he was in violation of his probation, but felt the interview was worth the risk of possible jail time.
  • When a candidate was asked about his greatest accomplishment, he replied that it was writing a short novel. When the interviewer said, "No, I mean something you did while at work," the candidate replied, "But I did write it while at work!"
  • The candidate who was asked to name her greatest weakness and replied "My Chihuahua—I just can't resist him when he looks up at me!"
  • The balding candidate who abruptly excused himself and returned to the interview a few minutes later, wearing a hairpiece.
  • The candidate who said he was so well-qualified that if he didn't get the job it would prove that the company's management was incompetent.
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