Main image of article New Dice skills feature lets you compare, contrast, fast.

Speed thrills. So if you’re looking for a way to reduce the time it takes to source the most qualified candidates, I’d like to recommend a new Open Web feature we just released. Now on each candidate’s profile, you’ll notice an “Activities” section that visually captures which skills a tech pro is most likely to be proficient in based on their activity across 130 social sites. At a glance, you can use this information to quickly compare one candidate’s qualifications versus another’s. Activities measured include software development, data, design, management, and many more. Skills relevant to each Activity area are also highlighted so you can know exactly what the candidate is proficient in. This latest feature enables you to prioritize your list of candidates based on the must-have skills your req requires. And, do it quickly. Want to give us feedback? Let me know in the Comments section. Tam